What Is Crossfit?

Are you looking for a class environment to lift weights in? CrossFit might be for you! This is a great way to get fit and strong while in a class environment!

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Ok let’s get real now, CrossFit is a great way to gain strength and get in shape! It is commonly done in a class environment where a number of people will gather.

What Really IS CrossFit?

Seems like a logical question to ask since this kind of fitness methodology is relatively new! It was founded in 2000 so it’s younger than me. 

CrossFit incorporates workouts from a lot of different areas such as Olympic lifts, calisthenics, and other areas that focus on functional fitness. It takes all those workouts and does them in a high-intensity interval training (HIIT) regimen.

How To Find A Gym

Usually, if you do a quick search for “CrossFit gyms near me”, you’ll find a couple of them within a few miles of you! Unless you live in a super rural area, in which case you might want to go to Home Depot, Lowes, or a junkyard to build your own equipment.

What’s In There?

Inside this spacious place, you will usually have barbells, thick rubber weights, pull-up bars, ropes, and other functional fitness equipment. All of these things usually reside in an open and spacious area so as to maximize how much you can move without risking hitting someone in the face!

Word Of Warning

While this may seem like all fun and games, it can get very intense and has been criticized for causing more injuries than traditional weightlifting. This isn’t related to the types of lifts being done, but how the lifts are being done.

As I have said in my article about form here, bad form can lead to disaster. So if CrossFit sounds like fun, don’t forget the importance of form and you should be fine!

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