Great Way To Lose Fat

Either summer is approaching or you just feel like shredding some fat as fast as possible right now. When people think of losing weight, they tend to think they have to spend hours at the gym or go for long runs. Well, you don’t actually have to do either of those!

What I’m about to suggest is in no way an easy method. Unfortunately, there isn’t some magical method that shreds fat while you do nothing. If there is, it’s probably not legal and definitely not healthy! The method that can get you in and out of the gym quickly, or have you doing cardio for a short period of time is called HIIT.

What Is HIIT?

Great question! HIIT stands for high-intensity interval training. As the name suggests it’s intense. On one hand, you don’t have to work out for as long, on the other, you have to condense all that effort into a shorter period of time.

For example, instead of going on a multiple-mile run, you can do multiple sprints. The run could take you 30+ minutes depending on how far you go, while sprints could take you half that time depending on how long of breaks you take in between!

Benefits Of HIIT

While everyone is different, this method has an extremely high success rate when it comes to melting off those love handles! When I was on my weight loss journey, I personally used this method and loved my results.

There are also more benefits than just losing fat with HIIT. Depending on how often and/or how much you lift, you could be building muscle thanks to the explosive power you will need to do some of the exercises. There are also things like increased metabolic rate for hours after your workout session, improved oxygen consumption, reduced resting heart rate, improved endurance, and so much more!

woman using ropes to workout

Drawbacks Of HIIT

As I have said before, it’s intense, like really intense if you’re doing it right. This can lead to bad form and increased risk of injury if you don’t watch yourself. All workouts can possibly lead to injury, it just has a higher chance of occurring with HIIT.

Since this is so intense, I would not recommend you start with HIIT right out of the gates if you haven’t been working out or doing lower-intensity physical activity. 

HIIT is also intense enough that if you have health complications such as asthma or some kind of heart condition, this could be dangerous for you. If you have concerns about trying HIIT for whatever reason, I would suggest you talk to your doctor first. This advice goes for working out in general, but I wanted to make sure to specifically mention it here!

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