Beware The Online Fitness Guru

Sometimes we get drawn in by all these flashy lights and flashy looking people. It happens to all of us and since we are so drawn in, we forget to actually look at the thing for what it is! This can either have no real effect on us and our outcomes, or it can have a massive one since that information we consumed was wrong.

While I always advocate for going onto YouTube or going on Google to look for new workouts or whatever it might be, always be cautious!

All That Glitters Is NOT Gold

We’ve all heard that saying before, but we tend to ignore those words quite a lot when things look to be convenient or easy. 

While there are a lot of people who know what they’re doing out there on the interwebs, there are a lot that don’t! Just because someone looks good, it doesn’t mean that they’re doing things right!

I’ve seen plenty of strong people, people who have been in the gym for at least a year, do things completely wrong! I’ve seen dudes squatting 300+ lbs with terrible form and when I see that, all I think is, “he’s going to feel immobilized by 30”.

If a workout doesn’t look right or doesn’t feel right, do your research on the workout and either correct the wrong information given to you, or find another workout that does the same thing, but more safely!

Look At Me, I’m The Captain Now

I’ll take a jab at myself to show you how much I believe in doing your own research! While I think this site is the best place to get ideas and learn about fitness, it is always good to do research on the things I say.

While I would never intentionally mislead anyone, or not give the best information I could, I might be wrong sometimes. While that’s very rare (since I’m all perfect and stuff), I am still human like everybody else and mistakes can happen!

General Areas That Are Good For Information

Here are some good areas you can usually trust (but they’re still human as well):

  • Research papers
  • Doctors
  • Certified trainers

Don’t get me wrong, there are popular people on places like YouTube that have built their following by giving their views great, reliable, and consistent information! But it can be hard to filter the bad from the good from the mediocre. That’s why they didn’t make the list.

In Conclusion

Do what you want, but try to understand what you’re doing!

This applies to fitness as well as every other aspect of your life! Please do your research on topics that interest you or you plan on getting involved with!

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