10 Ways To Keep Workout Motivation

Have you been noticing a lack of motivation to go to the gym? Maybe you’ve lost that spark after a few weeks or months after starting and are looking for it again? I’m here to tell you that this is perfectly normal.

You can think of this loss of motivation as the end of the honeymoon phase in a relationship. Does that mean the relationship is bad? No, not at all! It has just lost its shiny new car appeal. This happens with everything you do in life and the gym is no exception.

So what can you do to keep things interesting and keep that motivation? The good news about that question is that there are lots of answers, so if one of these ways doesn’t work for you it’s alright! There are plenty of other methods to try.

#1 Dress For Success

Even if you don’t feel like going to the gym, get dressed for it! This might seem trivial and it is, but this is often a big roadblock for people because they think about going and then say, “well I’d have to get dressed”. 

Simply putting on your gym gear will push you that much closer to going to the gym.

Another thing you can do that sometimes helps me is to get some new gym clothes so that things feel fresh. Check out our post about some great clothing here!

#2 Make A Plan With A Friend

This can be so helpful since you will have someone to hold you accountable. This can be beneficial in many ways beyond just sparking motivation! Now you have someone to progress with and you two can push each other to new heights!

#3 Take Some Time To Regenerate

This one may seem counter-intuitive but if you have been hitting the gym day-in and day-out for weeks or months, take some time to let your body recover! I know that it can be hard at times, I know I absolutely hate taking more than a day off in a row, but it can help get your energy back up!

Don’t stop eating though when you are taking a break, your body still needs nutrients to repair and replenish your energy!

#4 Get A New Playlist

I almost have 1,000 songs on my workout playlist and I am always adding more! It’s one way to switch things up and keep things interesting. Let those new songs fire you up!

#5 Ask Yourself Why You Are Going In The First Place

Sometimes we lose sight of why we are even going. Sometimes it’s helpful to reflect on why we started in the first place. Our reasons may have changed along the way, just make sure you know why you’re doing what you’re doing!

#6 Break Your Goal Into Smaller Goals

I learned all about goals in a business leadership class I took in college. It is important that we break our big goal into smaller steps that lead up to it. This way we can more accurately track our progress and see that we are in fact making progress!

#7 Make It Fun

While getting in shape isn’t always fun, it’s important to find what you like and have the most fun possible! It’s different for everyone, I know I just cherish the alone time and therapy that lifting weights alone gives me.

#8 Set Due Dates For Your Goals

This relates back to the point about breaking up your goals from above. A lot of us work better when there’s a deadline and it makes us work that much harder! Set an end goal due date and set the smaller goal’s due dates incrementally before that date.

#9 Expand Your Horizon

Sometimes we have to go outside of our comfort zones to find new motivation. Have you been thinking of trying something but are second-guessing yourself? Just go for it, what’s the worst that can happen? If you don’t like it, at least you tried!

#10 Get A Fitness Tracker

If you get a fitness tracker, you’ll be able to see specific data and analyze what you’re doing and how you’re improving! This can be a game-changer as you can watch yourself improve in real-time without going off just feeling.

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